With our 7300 square foot framing facility and over 1300 frame selections in inventory, Horizon Art Group delivers expert framing, matting, glass cutting, and mounting services. Framing poster or museum quality, unusual or traditional, we design customized frames that best compliment your artwork and enhance the aesthetics of your space.


Bring Horizon Art Group's expertise in artistic communication into a home and create unique expressions of style. We have the largest selection of available art in the Midwest, access to thousands of works to fit any taste. Diligently working within your budget, Horizon Art Group can conceptualize and completely deliver a beautiful final result.

When you entertain your friends and neighbors, the most important thing is to leave a positive impression when they visit your home. Show them who you are from a creative standpoint by using Horizon Art and Design Group to design your home with the high quality artwork, unique paintings and custom treatments that will add style to your world with just one phone call. Contact us today for a complimentary discussion on how we can transform your home into a museum quality environment.

Horizon Art and Design Group is a premier fine art distributor of limited edition prints and artwork, photography and art forms that are available for home décor solutions.



From landscape to cityscape, abstract to classic, Horizon Art & Design Group will recommend, locate, and acquire the most appropriate artwork for any Hospitality, Corporate, Healthcare, or Residential project. We have the largest selection of available art in the Midwest, and access to literally thousands of works of art, including rare masterpieces. Horizon Art & Design Group can even create custom originals in-house. Our vast resources support one objective- providing you with the absolute best art to communicate your style and vision while respecting your budget.

Our approach to providing artwork for your unique space is our specialty. We believe that the essential ingredient to any business is relationships. We take the time to listen to your vision and perspective, and then customize a specific program that works with your space and personality along with your budget.  We will develop a custom proposal of artwork from our pool of talented artists, make any adjustments based on your feedback, work with our artists to manage timeline and deadlines for execution.

We don’t want to simply sell you or your client artwork that fits above your table, or ends up in the corner of a conference room. We want to know you and be the one and only source you think of when you have a wall or vacant space that needs something different.


Horizon Art Group's depth of experience in rare in the industry. In addition, we are accredited members of both the American Society of Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. With these credentials, Horizon Art Group can perform the most accurate appraisals for all types of art.

Fine art has consistently appreciated in value from five to seven percent annually. By obtaining an expert appraisal, you can get the most out of your investment. Here are a few of the benefits of obtaining and accurate appraisal.

  • Maximize your return on investment at time of sale

  • Take full advantage of tax deductions on donations (IRS Form 8283)

  • Determine adequate and up to date levels of insurance protection

  • Justify insurance loss or damage claims

  • Establish complete estate values for equitable distribution in wills

  • Determine asset values in the case of dissolution of marriage or business

  • Ensure proper accounting and protection of corporate art investments


Horizon Art Group painstakingly performs restorations and repairs to bring neglected and damaged works of art back to their optimal appearance and condition. Whether damaged by smoke, water, sun, or pollutants, the end result can be an impressive improvement in the value of the artwork.